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[AQ] Character Demo 2015 [AQ] Character Demo 2015

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AnnieQuinn responds:

Thank you!! :)

ComicLoverGirlNo1 Voice Acting ComicLoverGirlNo1 Voice Acting

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So awesome! Keep up the great work!

ComicLoverGirlNo1 responds:

Thank you so much!!!! ^_^

We wish you a merry christmas We wish you a merry christmas

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Wow i really like this...i wonder why no one rated this.

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paparazziVN responds:

Thanks you for being the first one comment on my song :). I have submited this song after christmas few days, so maybe that's the reason no one rated this. I'm very appreciate if you rate this song, then every body can see and rate it!

Sojourn Sojourn

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This is absolutely incredible, thank you for sharing it!

DamienFleisch responds:

I'm glad you liked it, thank you for listening :)

Horror Ambience Horror Ambience

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This was awesome! Fantastic job! I might actually use this in an animation.

Basset-Hound responds:

Hey Thanks!