Entry #5


2015-01-08 17:32:13 by CalebJordan360

Saw that I was on the front page 10min ago!

Brain = Obliterated!! 

Thank you so much!! This community is awesome! Hopefully I can start collabing with more people this year! 

Sorry, I'm still picking up peices of blasted brain matter off the ground. THIS IS AWESOME!! THANK YOU!!!


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2015-01-08 18:12:25

That's awesome, you deserve it dude! It's cool that they're kicking off the year with promoting artists and that less-known users get the spotlight too

CalebJordan360 responds:

Yes definitely! Its really cool! Thanks for the follow too! :DD


2015-01-08 18:42:06

Alriiiight I knew youd get a break eventually :D

CalebJordan360 responds:

:DDD You called it man! Lol Thanks for stickin around!


2015-01-08 19:05:32

I did?

CalebJordan360 responds:

Im pretty sure you did...even if you didnt im still giving you credit lol


2015-01-08 19:41:15

Its ringing a bell :P


2015-01-08 20:31:46

Congrats, dude!

CalebJordan360 responds:

Thank you!!


2015-01-08 20:44:48

I've seen your profile around a few times which looked good but since you've been on the front page your Fans have tripled lol, congratulations sorry I didn't subscribe sooner.

CalebJordan360 responds:

Thanks yo! I'm just happy your here! :DD


2015-01-08 21:45:37


CalebJordan360 responds:

DUUUUUUDE!! You're crazy! Thank you for the recommendation..wow...this was a massive surprise.


2015-01-08 22:10:15

You earned it. Enjoy your fame.

Its good quality with an amazing script. Its just like totally simple and logical actions a normal person would consider amplified by 10000 and then turned into a video. Its unexpected because it shows well some things we take for granted...

Heros don't get hurt on TV.
Spider Phobia does exist.
Birth days are important and you will live hell if you forget one.
And some people are psycho in life.

So yea you changed in a good matter the rules of comedy until now. Your gone become big.
Also fix your brain quickly! Many of your fans will want more.

Ps: The book thing is more true then you think. I would beat up people for just damaging my books (* . *)

CalebJordan360 responds:

Hahaha thank you so much man. I'll try not to disappoint!


2015-01-09 03:41:25

Congratulations, bro! This has been a long time coming, and I'm glad to see it finally happened! :D

CalebJordan360 responds:

Thanks man! It was definitely a BIG surprise lol


2015-01-09 08:51:43

It's an honor to follow you sir :D Your movies entertained me more than I expect, I will wait for more of your epic movies :D

CalebJordan360 responds:

Thanks man! More epic movies are on there way.


2015-01-09 09:40:08

I had to follow you.
I didn't want to see you under the radar.


2015-01-09 15:48:41

Pretty rad dude, congrats :D